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Holistic AI
AI Ethics,Governance
February 7th, 2021
AI auditing and impact assessment: according to the UK information commissioner’s office
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Abstract. As the use of data and artificial intelligence systems becomes crucial to core services and business, it increasingly demands a multi-stakeholder and complex governance approach. The Information Commissioner's Office’s ‘Guidance on the AI auditing framework: Draft guidance for consultation’ is a move forward in AI governance. The aim of this initiative is toward producing guidance that encompasses both technical (e.g. system impact assessments) and non-engineering (e.g. human oversight) components to governance and represents a significant milestone in the movement towards standardising AI governance. This paper will summarise and critically evaluate the ICO effort and try to anticipate future debates and present some general recommendations.

Link: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s43681-021-00039-2

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