About us

Holistic AI is enabling organisations to embrace AI with greater confidence and effectiveness. Assess and manage Safety, Ethical and Legal risks coming from: Data, models and processes.
Holistic AI is commited to create a Responsible AI ecosystem by working with regulators, policy-makers and engineers internationally. No matter at which maturity stage and scale, Holistic AI has a solution for you.
Systems covered in more than 20 jurisdictions
Technical and Governance risk mitigations deployed
Audits and Assurance of AI Projects
Research Papers in AI Safety, Ethics, and Governance

What can we do for you

Best-in-class AI Risk Management Processes
From mapping risks to verification, mitigation and monitoring– all at scale and enterprise level.
Holistic Assessment across the AI Lifecycle
From Efficacy and Robustness, to Bias, Privacy and Explainability– all risks covered and managed across development.
Increase Trust
Embed ethics, align values and demonstrate trust to any audience by verification and controls

What makes use stand out

We enable organisations to deploy and embrace AI with greater confidence and effectiveness in its intended purpose.
Our purpose is to reduce the harm that can result from AI. We are increasing trust in the use of AI at scale.
Our solution provides insight, assessment and mitigation of AI risk.
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