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Holistic AI ensures that enterprises can adopt AI with confidence and assurance. AI does not need to be a high-risk liability; Holistic AI guarantees AI that is safe, ethical, and legal. We assess data, models, and processes, at any level of maturity or scale.

No matter at which maturity stage, location or scale,
Holistic AI has a solution for you.

Enterprise-ready SaaS Solution
World-first AI Auditors
Shaping AI policy worldwide

Impacting AI Deployment and Research at Scale

Holistic AI is commited to create a Responsible AI ecosystem by working with regulators, policy-makers and engineers internationally
Systems covered in more than 20 jurisdictions
Technical and Governance risk mitigations deployed
Audits and Assurance of AI Projects
Research Papers in AI Safety, Ethics, and Governance

Better AI for Everyone

Delivering value for leading enterprises in different sectors. Ensuring that any AI deployment is done in a Safe, Legal, and Ethical manner
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Enterprise-Grade AI Assurance
Our software allows your enterprise to adopt AI with confidence, minimize risk, optimise resource allocation and outcomes across the enterprise, and prepare for the wide-ranging implications of the EU AI Act
Preparing for the NYC “Bias Audit” law
Our best-in-class audit of your Automated Employment Decision Tool ensures your compliance with incoming legislation. With our third-party assessment, get ready to be compliant in a fast, cost-effective, and easy to scale manner.​
Third-party conformity assessment
Our assurance process demonstrates efficiency, adherence to standards or your legal compliance to regulators and customers. Use Holistic AI to generate trust at scale for your enterprise.​

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HAI Platform

Our unique platform offers a cost-effective and scalable solution to manage your AI assets
Map your systems with a comprehensive AI Inventory
Standardize risk-management methods across the enterprise
Prepare safe, legal and ethical deployment of AI
Future-proof your system to be Regulatory-ready
Protect your data assets and govern their usage
Improve procurement and onboarding of AI suppliers

AI Risk Management

Enterprise-grade management of your AI assets' risks, ensuring adoption is done in a safe, legal, and ethical manner
Protect from reputational and financial damage
Assess your systems efficacy and robustness levels
Get compliant by-design to ever-coming regulations and standards
Improve systems Transparency, and Mitigate eventual Bias risks

AI Auditing

Assurance and Assistance. De-risking and demonstrating best standards on your AI assets through 3rd-party conformity review
Governance and
Technical Audit
Provide ongoing Assurance and Assistance post-Audit
Leading cross-sector
reach and expertise
Verified against applicable standards and regulations

Solving Trust
in AI

To deliver our mission, we employ our practical knowledge and academic excellence in three different directions
Embedding Ethics in AI
By pursuing Foundational Research, we aim to embed in systems attitudes and practices that by-design make these systems compliant to certain standards, regulations or expectations
Scaling Trusted Practices
By pursuing Engineering Excellence, we aim to make all our methods, research and practices affordable and easy-to-use. This is part of our commitment to build a global ecosystem of trust
Demonstrable Trust
By pursuing Applied Research, our goal is to create new metrics, methods, and processes that can improve system verification and mitigation
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